Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Verify collector connection status

Start the ARM Configuration application and click the Collectors tile on the home screen.

ARM displays more details on the current connection status. If you see a red symbol in the first column, the collector is not available.

Connection problems are mostly caused by firewalls. Please reference firewall settings (used ports overview).


Perform a simple connection check

A simple check can be done by ping. If the ping was executed successfully, a firewall can still block the communication on port "55555".

The tracert command can be used to track where packets may be blocked. "External" firewalls can be identified in this way.


Test a connection to the collector with the browser

Start a browser on the ARM server and call the address of the collector with port "55555".




Communication blocked:

After a timeout, you receive an error message that the page cannot be displayed.


Communication successful:

You will receive a message starting with ".Net..." and further containing "...expacting preamble...". This error message is generated by the ARM service.


Run the browser test in both directions. Call the collector from the ARM server and vice versa. Communication must be possible bidirectionally.