Prepare Windows file server

Running the FS Logga on a Windows file server requires an installation of the following components on the file server:

  • filter driver
  • collector

When monitoring Windows file servers, no dedicated (external) collector server is required. The file server itself works as a collector.

The components are included in the setup file and can be installed in one step.

If Windows Failover Cluster resources should be monitored you have to install both components on each node of the cluster.

When replacing hard disks or when mounting other hard disks (setting up Volume Mount Points), the FS-Logga must be switched off before (ON/OFF button in the ARM configuration) and switched on again after the change.


Install the FS Logga on Windows file servers

The FS Logga requirements must be fulfilled.

  1. Copy ARM setup.exe into a local folder (do not use a network folder).
  2. To start the installation, run the file with administrator rights.

The setup language is automatically selected to match the language of the operating system for the following languages: German, English, French. Otherwise English is used.

A collector must be installed with the option FS Logga on all Windows file servers that you would like to monitor.

Activate the option "collector" and "FS Logga for Windows File Server".

The collector and filter driver for collecting file events will be installed.


Verify filter driver activity

You can verify the activity on the filter driver via the command prompt. In order to be able to execute commands you must start the command prompt with administrator rights.

You can list loaded filter drivers with the following command:


The filter driver of the FS logga will respond with  "Minitrc". The number of instances must be at least 1. A number of 0 instances is possible, indicating that no report is configured or no alert is active.

You can see details of the filter driver with the following command:

sc query minitrc