A DropDownList is a selection list with non-editable values.


  • Type
  • Items

Optional properties

  • Label
  • DefaultValue
  • Description
  • IsRequired
  • IsEnabled
  • Constraints


In addition, you define:

  • "Items": The list of values to select. A distinction is made here between DisplayValue (the value displayed in the selection list) and Value (the actual value that is stored for the LDAP attribute).
  • "DefaultValue": (optional) Specifies the value that is preselected when the template is loaded. This value must match a value in the Items list. Default value: The value of the first entry in Items.



"Type": "DropDownList",

"DefaultValue": "Berlin",

"Label": "Location",

"Description": "Select the location of the user."

"Items": [

{ "Value": "Berlin", "DisplayValue": "Berlin - Germany" },

{ "Value": "Vienna", "DisplayValue": "Vienna - Austria" }