Define individual approval flows

Background / Value

ARM GrantMA allows you to design individual approval workflows for each organizational category. You can design as many steps in the process as required. The last approver in the process is also the one making the formal change request.


Step-by-step process

  1. Select "Workflows".
  2. Click on "Create".


  1. Give the workflow a title.
  2. Give a short, concise description of the workflow’s purpose.


  1. Name the approval step.
  2. Add one or more approvers

You can also add multiple approvers for any step, which can be useful in case of vacation or illness.

  1. Describe the approval step.
  2. Add any additional steps in the approval process.


  1. Add an additional step.
  2. Delete an approval step.
  3. Generate the workflow.


D011-06 EN Individuelle Freigabeworkflows definieren

  1. You have created a new workflow. ARM switches to the "Manage workflows" view.
  2. Click on a workflow to make changes.
  3. Delete the workflow.