Configure web components

ARM web components are pre-configured during an evaluation installation with default values.

For a production installation you may install ARM web components on a different server. With the ARM web configurator you set the web server name, port and certificate bindings.

Open the ARM web configuration application.

After a Production Installation with enabled web components the web configuration application starts automatically.


Enter the name of the ARM server. If executing both web components and the ARM server on the same machine, no changes to the server name are required.

Enter the port of the ARM server. By default the ARM server communicates through port "55555".


  1. Enter a port for the binding of the certificate to the website. The standard https port is 443. If you enter any other port you must consider this when starting the ARM website (providing the URL to users).
  2. Select a certificate. If no certificate is offered, please reference the following chapters:  "Generate a self-signed certificate" and "Bind a certificate to your site".
  3. You can reload the list of available certificates by clicking on "Refresh".


The web components will be available once all settings for "Application Pool" and "Web Site" are shown as operational.


Generate a self-signed certificate

The following steps are optional.

The self-signed certificates described in the following steps create security warnings in various browsers, as an out-of-date SHA-1 based encryption is used. Use certificates with SHA2 / 256 encryption for productive use.

Start the IIS-Manager.


  1. Select the server.
  2. Double-click "Server Certificates".


  1. Click "Create Self-Signed Certificate".
  2. Give the certificate a name.
  3. Generate the certificate.

In the next step you have to bind the certificate to the site.


Bind a certificate to a site

You can add a certificate to the site during the provisioning process. It may be necessary to add another certificate, for example when the old one has expired.

Start the IIS-Manager.


  1. Navigate to the site "ARM WebAPI"
  2. Click "Bindings..."
  3. Select the certificate with type "https" and port "443" (standard settings)
  4. Click "Edit..."


Select a certificate. Click "OK" to bind the certificate to the site.