Documentation forAccess Rights Manager


After the installation there is already a first collector: the ARM server itself.

Additional collectors may be installed for the following reasons:

  1. You want to connect remote resources. Installing collectors on remote systems reduces the WAN footprint and improves performance when executing scans or making access rights changes.
  2. Some resource types and features require the installation of additional collectors, for example FS Logga for Windows Fileserver.
  3. Load balancing.
  4. To incorporate foreign domains (non-trusted) a collector must be installed. Please see Collectors in foreign domains (non-trusted) for more details.


Click on the tile for displaying information on the configured collectors or add new ones.


The list of collectors contains more detailed information on the selected port, storage and CPU workload, number of scheduled jobs, connection status.

If you are having problems with the connection please see Firewall settings.