ARM GrantMA: Design approval processes

The problem

Administrators spend a lot of time on the assignment of access rights. In the classical process the decision (Manager) over access rights is separated from the technical implementation (Administrator).

The administrator does not know who should have which rights and becomes a mere exporter of orders.


The Solution

It is much more efficient to combine the responsibility and technical implementation of access rights into one smooth process. This way only the actors necessary for the process to work are involved. ARM GrantMA uses a workflow that only involves an employee and their supervisor (Data Owner).


  • The employee requests access rights to needed resources via a web portal.
  • The data owner decides which requests are approved for his area of responsibility.


The GrantMA workflow has the following advantages:

  • The Administrator is no longer part of the process and can focus on his core responsibilities.
  • The Data Owner decides who can access which information since he is the one that knows which employees need access to which resources in order to do their job.
  • All changes are saved in the ARM log book.

If more complex workflows with several decision-makers are required to grant access rights, you can also quickly map them.