Run the ARM Configuration Wizard

Before you can use ARM, you need to complete the Configuration Wizard. The Configuration Wizard collects required information for the base configuration and for the first Active Directory scan and the first file server scan. Any information collected by the Configuration Wizard can be changed later in the configuration application.

After completing the setup the Configuration Wizard launches. At first you have to log in to the Configuration.

The first time you log in, you can only log in as the user that installed ARM. Later, you can create more users.

By default, the Configuration application will log into the local ARM Server you set up during installation.

Click Login.

Only one user can be logged in to the ARM Configuration application at any given time.


The Basic Configuration

After you have logged in, the Configuration Wizard will ask you to do the following:

  • Define the credentials with which the ARM Server will use to run Active Directory requests.
  • Define the SQL Server database that ARM will use, along with the required credentials.


  1. After an evaluation installation most of the values are preset. The user that performed the setup is preset as account for performing Active Directory requests. You only need to add the password of that user.
  2. After entering the password click the refresh button to check if all given credentials are valid.
  3. If all tests are green click the save button.

The ARM service will be restarted to use the given credentials. This will take a while and a warning will be displayed, that the configuration application is not connected. This is the normal behavior. Please be patient.


After a production installation you will have to enter the SQL server connection information and we also recommend to use a service account for connecting to Active Directory. Please refer to the Administrator Guide for detailed information.


Set up your first Active Directory scan

  1. Enter the credentials that are used to execute the Active Directory scan.
  2. ARM displays the name of the domain that is scanned.

You must specify a fully qualified domain name (FQDN). If you see the NetBIOS name of the domain click on the credentials link above and enter the FQDN.

  1. Click Next.

You can modify several AD scan options later in the configuration application. For more information please refer to the Administrator Guide.


Set up your first file server scan

ARM displays all file servers that are listed in the selected domain.

  1. Select a file server.
  2. Click Next.

You can modify several file server scan options later in the configuration application. For more information please refer to the Administrator Guide.


  1. Double check your inputs.
  2. Click Start scan.


  1. You can see the two scan configurations.
  2. ARM displays information on the progress and success of the scans.


If your scans completed succesfully, you are ready to start using ARM.