Add a file system scan in Access Rights Manager

  1. Start and log in to the Configuration application.
  2. Click the Scans icon.
  3. Select File server.
  4. Select the file server that you want to scan. If needed, use the filter to narrow down a large list of file servers.
  5. Choose the ARM Server as the collector.
  6. Click Apply. The file server scan will appear in the status window below.
  7. Click the play button in the scan dialog to start the file server scan.

File server scans may take a long time depending on your file server performance and load, network load, and the number of file server directories that need to be scanned.

Tips for improving file server scan performance

  • Click the Auto link in the scan dialog to select the appropriate file server type. For optimal scan performance, select the proper file server type.
  • In the Scan dialog, click All Shares to select the shares you want to scan. Select only the shares that are relevant for users. It is not recommended to configure "$-Shares".
  • Limit the scan depth and the number of shares for a first scan. You can increase the scan depth and add more shares at any time.