Create a tech account

Check out this video (8:58) on setting up a Web Help Desk account.

Each tech who logs in to Web Help Desk must have a tech account. This example describes how to create a tech account for Richard Acevedo. He will be granted the default tech permissions. A tech account for his supervisor (Sara Peterson) already exists.

Beginning in Web Help Desk 12.5.2, all techs who use LDAP authentication must have a Client account to access their Tech account. This process prevents unauthorized access to an LDAP account.

When you create a non-admin tech account, specify the tech's supervisor. As a result, SolarWinds recommends creating the supervisors' accounts first.

  1. In the toolbar, click Setup.
  2. Click Techs > Techs.
  3. Click New.
  4. Enter the tech's name, Web Help Desk credentials, and contact information. All bold fields are required.

    For more information about any field, see the tooltips.

  5. Specify the account type. For tech accounts, specify the tech's permissions and supervisor.

    A supervisor is required for tech accounts, but optional for admin accounts.

  6. To enable the tech to access the Web Help Desk client interface, link the tech to a client account.

    When the tech account is linked to a client account, the Switch to Client Account icon is available in the upper-right corner. The tech can click this button to display the interface exactly as the selected client sees it.

    Tech accounts can be linked to actual client accounts or a demo client account. If you link to a demo client account with the same user name as the tech, a message warns you that the client won't be able to log in except as a tech linked to the client account. Because that is the intent, you can ignore the message.

    When you are linked to a client account, the My Approvals tab displays in the Ticket Details tab. This allows you to approve one or more processes in the Tech interface without switching to the Client interface.

  7. Enable user interface enhancements to support the latest web browsers (if desired). Click the tooltip for details.
  8. Specify the number of notes and history entries to display on a ticket. Additional entries will be collapsed by default.
  9. In the Asset Setup section, select the technologies that this tech can use to connect remotely to an asset.

    The Assets > Options configuration determines which technologies this section lists.

  10. In the E-Mail Setup section, specify the email settings and select the events that generate an email to this tech.
  11. To prevent Web Help Desk from escalating a ticket to this tech when the tech is not scheduled to work, enter the Scheduling Setup settings.
    1. Specify the tech's business zone.
    2. If the tech's work schedule is different than the default work schedule for that zone, specify the work schedule.
    3. Indicate if the tech is on vacation.
    4. Optionally, select a backup tech to receive this tech's escalated tickets.
    5. Indicate whether the account is active.

  12. Click Save.