Configure asset import and information and permission options

Use the Asset Options screen to set the options for Asset information import and Asset permissions for Techs.

Click the information icon in each row to see the tooltip.

Set the following permissions:

  • Select the Use Devices option to make Devices tab visible to Techs only or to Techs and Clients.
  • Select the Auto-Increment Device No. option to Increment automatic numbering when creating new Device records.
  • Select the Enable Expiration Alerts options to notify Techs when Device support contracts, warranties, and leases expire. Selecting this option sends one alert one time per device. When the Device is saved, the sent status is cleared. The alert can be resent, if needed.
  • Select the Reminder Interval for Overdue Devices option to have HDM send a reminder for devices checked out past their due dates. Change the reminder's email template at Setup > E-Mail > Templates > Overdue Devices Message.
  • Select Notes Visible to Clients to choose whether or not Clients can see notes made on Devices. This setting can be overridden on individual Device configuration pages when you add or edit a Device.