Manually add parts

  1. In the toolbar, click Parts.
  2. In the Parts List tab, click New Part.
  3. In the Part No. field, enter a part number.

  4. Click the Manufacturer drop-down menu and select a manufacturer.
  5. You can add manufacturers and models at Setup > Asset >Manufacturers & Models. For more information about adding manufacturers and models, see Defining asset types.

  6. Click the Model drop-down menu and select a model.
  7. In the Description field, enter a description of the item.
  8. In the Our Cost and Customer Cost fields, enter the appropriate amounts.
  9. Select the Tax Free check box if this item is not applicable to state or local taxes.
  10. Select the Inventory Alerts Enabled check box to receive an alert when inventory falls below a certain level.
  11. In the Notes field, enter any applicable notes.
  12. Click Save.