Configure an incoming email account

You can define the requirements for accepting email and initiating some of the automated email processes in the Incoming E-mail Accounts screen.

  1. Click Setup and select E-Mail > Options.
  2. Click New.
  3. Select Enable E-Mail Tickets to enable Web Help Desk to create tickets.

  4. In the E-Mail Address field, enter the email address used by Web Help Desk to create new tickets.

  5. In the Account Type field, select the email protocol used to access the email account.

    If you select Exchange or Office 365, verify that Exchange Web Services is enabled on the Microsoft Exchange server. If the Exchange server does not support this service, enable the IMAP or POP3 protocol on the server.

  6. Select the Compatibility Mode check box if you want to enable Web Help Desk to download the full email from the email server rather than specific parts of the email.

    SolarWinds recommends leaving this check box blank.

  7. In the Incoming Mail Server field, enter the email account used to send email to clients.

  8. Click the Tech Group drop-down menu and select the tech group that filters the incoming email.
  9. Click the Request Type drop-down menu and select the request type that is assigned to tickets created from all incoming email.

    Ensure that the request type is supported by the selected tech group.

  10. Leave the Allow Auto-submitted E-Mail check box and Advanced E-Mail Properties field blank.

    If your email server fails incoming email tests, you can use these options for troubleshooting.

    Click the tooltips for more information.

  11. Click Save.