NPM 12.0.1 Release Notes

Last updated: September 28, 2016

These release notes describe the new features, improvements, and fixed issues in this release. They also provide information about upgrades and describe work-arounds to known issues.

For NPM environment requirements, see NPM 12.0.1 System Requirements.

New features and improvements

Read this section for descriptions of the new features and improvements NPM offers in this release, or compare NPM 12.0.1 with previous releases of NPM.

Agents for Linux-based computers

This release of SolarWinds Orion extends Orion agent to monitor Linux systems. This agent provides monitoring to Linux-based application on premises or in the cloud using multiple template and component monitor options. Easily deploy the agent through multiple options by adding a node, mass deployment for agents, command line, and from a Linux package repository. The Orion Agent supports multiple Linux distributions including versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, SUSE Linux, Ubuntu, and Amazon Linux AMI.

» Read more about these changes.

High Availability

This release of SolarWinds Orion Platform features almost instantaneous, automated failover to a secondary server to ensure continuous monitoring when a component failure occurs. SolarWinds High Availability (HA) provides failover HA for your environment maintained through the Orion web console. Easily create an HA pool, update your secondary server, and activate HA in your current Orion environment.

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Web-based License Manager

Easily add, activate, and manage Orion product licenses through the web-based License Manager. Accessing the License Manager on your main polling engine, you can monitor and update full product and evaluation licenses for your main poller, additional pollers, additional web servers, stackable pollers, and high availability pools all through one page. The License Manager also provides automatic online and offline modes for managing licenses. Add and manage evaluations with ease, including HA.

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New APE and AWS upgrade installer

When you upgrade your additional polling engine (APE) and additional web server (AWS), you will use a new unified Scalability Engines Installer that upgrades all of your updated modules with one installer. This new lightweight installer is far faster for upgrading your APE and AWS than installing one module at a time! Some customers have reported a greater than 400% reduction in the amount of time it now takes them to upgrade their Additional Polling Engines and Additional Web Servers.

You download the installers through the Orion Web Console:

  • For the APE installer, click Settings > All Settings > Polling Engines.
  • For the AWS installer, click Settings > All Settings > Web Console Settings.

Web-based SSH terminal

Open an SSH connection to your devices using the Management resource of your nodes in the Orion Web Console. With a click, an SSH client opens a remote connection using the assigned poller as the jump host to the destination server, Linux host, switch, router, firewall, or other SSH-capable system.

Other improvements

New customer installation

For information about installing NPM, see the NPM Getting Started Guide.

Before you upgrade!

If you are upgrading from a previous version of NPM, you should know:

  • When upgrading NPM 12.0.1 with Dell Carbon Black installed, we recommend stopping or removing Carbon Black. This security product causes issues with MSMQ starting. For details, please see this article.
  • Installation of NPM 12.0 and later is no longer supported on Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 SP1, or 2008 R2 without SP1.
  • If you have written your own code, such as changing SolarWinds .css files or adding .js files, it may be overwritten with the upgrade. You can learn more about custom code in this article.
  • Always use the Product Upgrade Advisor to build your upgrade path.
  • Typically, you always upgrade NPM first if you have it installed. NPM includes platform features to support all Orion products. Depending on your upgrade path, you may need to upgrade another product before progressing to an NPM upgrade.

How to upgrade

Use the following resources for planning and upgrading:

Each guide includes checklists and instructions to help you plan and execute your upgrade.

Fixed issues

Network Performance Monitor 12.0.1 fixes the following issues.

Case number Description
959860 Interface Availability chart not showing all data points.
995954 OID import issues with assigning labels in UnDPs.
996447, 998991,
1001111, 1004345
NetPathTM high latency measurement issues, typically at hop 1.
997218 Hardware health polling does not work for specific Cisco devices due problem with hierarchy as found in the Solarwinds Collector logs.
999011, 999136, Cisco Switch Stacks do not provide enough data for drawing stack rings.
1005244, 1012490 Interfaces are reporting as Up even when a node is Down.
1006169, 1007215 Incorrect calculation of wireless AP identifiers that results in wireless APs duplication after the upgrade.
1006169 Node icons in the Map resource are gray even though the node status is up.
1016453 Broken links in the F5 virtual servers list.
N/A NetPathTM probing exceptions caused by invalid packets.

Orion Platform 2016.2 fixes the following issues.

Case number Description

1015439, 1017699, 1017652, 1015588, 1015552, 1015299, 1014989, 1016095, 1015662, 1016127, 1015267, 1016112, 1015219, 1016099, 1016280, 1016927, 1015177, 1015174, 1015614, 1016588, 1016630, 1016609, 1016610, 1015431, 1015014, 1015548, 1015506, 1016500, 1016384, 1016208, 1015385, 1015627, 1015516, 1015412, 1016247, 1016175, 1015390, 1015349, 1015345, 1015306, 1015749, 1015526, 1015466, 1015396, 1015561, 1015783, 1015356, 1015647, 1015661, 1015564, 1015571, 1015595, 1015570, 1015652, 1015606, 1015061, 1015380, 1015424, 1015454, 1015460, 1015364, 1015457, 1015413, 1015016, 1015386, 1014969, 1015261,
1043147, 1016982,


The Worldwide Map resource displays without the Mapquest notifications.

920560, 1013825, 1052808,

Alert actions trigger when you choose to alert only when multiple objects meet the trigger conditions at the same time.
1003653, 1011487, 1005787 You can open the Orion Web Console shortcut as a non-administrator.
1012549, 1040462, 1042804 You can edit multiple nodes' properties without impacting the saved SNMP v3 credentials.

The Top CPU by Percent resource shows data for Cisco ASR 9010 devices.

1005743 Custom SQL filters are not case sensitive.
1003655, 1000374

The Configuration Wizard now installs all services and the Orion Web Console loads after an upgrade.


Menu bars are not sent when emailing a report as HTML.

990493, 1039347 Duplicate and edit alerts with reset actions.

You can view graphs in scheduled reports after you configure the Orion Web Console for SSL.

1029471, 1037482 Restrict access to areas of the menu bar and views.

You can select Default for Object type in Network Atlas.


Filter the "Top XX Volumes by Disk Space Used" resource by caption.

873578, 861900

Improved how charts and graphs are displayed in the PDF output of reports.

1016211, 1004847, 1009082, 993024, 100588, 1012554 Improved upgrading with saved SNMP v3 credentials.
1003240 Top navigation menu in NOC views does not overlap with the view content.
992570, 1038932, 1025297 When integrating SolarWinds products with ServiceNow, alerts generate correctly without object reference errors.
1045304, 1015785 The Orion Web Console does not hang when managing alerts or alert maintenance.
989718, 1000003, 1003398, 1008094, 1015258, 1038560, 994777, 1004330, 843652

Send multiple reports at the same time and send reports that were copied and modified from another report without errors.

1028086, 1005787, 1003653, 1011487, 1016920 You can install and open the Orion Web Console from the shortcut without the following error: "The credentials supplied to the package were not recognized."
1020916 Web pages sent through the Email A Web Page alert action are sent as a PDF to preserve the same styling and appearance as in your browser.
1012349 Use the "Time of Day" and "Hour of Day" options to restrict the report to business hours.
1015855 Improved the UI around the Time of Day portion of alert actions.

Known issues

Different interface indices after remap

Issue: Interface indices are maintained in both the Interfaces table and the NPM_Routing table of the SolarWinds database. Because these tables are polled on different polling intervals, the same interface may have different indices in each table as interfaces are remapped on independent polling intervals.

Custom F5 alerts and reports stop working after upgrade

Issue: After the upgrade to NPM 12.0 and later, custom F5 alerts and reports might stop working because the database structure changed.

Work-around: Review the out-of-the box alerts and reports, and if none match your customized alerts and reports, re-create the F5 alerts and reports.

The Advanced Alert Manager and Basic Alert Manager applications are deprecated features and will be removed in an upcoming release. The web-based Alert Manager replaces this functionality.

End of Support

The Advanced Alert Manager and Basic Alert Manager applications are deprecated features and will be removed in an upcoming release. The web-based Alert Manager replaces this functionality.

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