Deploy VHD disks to the cloud

Before deployment, locate the following information you obtained in the previous sections. Each value stored in a variable in the following commands is typed as a token (for example, <TOKEN>), and should be replaced with the code snippets below. Replace whole token string, including the angle brackets.

  • Storage account name (<STORAGE_ACCOUNT>)
  • Storage account key (<ACCESS_KEY>)
  • Resource group (<RESOURCE_GROUP>)
  • Location (<LOCATION>)
  • Storage size - sku (<SKU>)
  • Virtual machine size (<VM_SIZE>)

    If you are missing anything from the list above, review the previous sections.

Additionally, the virtual machine name and disk names should be considered before deployment.

  • Virtual machine name (<VM_NAME>)
  • Disk 1 (system) name (<DISK1>)
  • Disk 2 (data) name (<DISK2>)