Create and manage storage accounts, resource groups, and locations

A storage account in Azure is a namespace that provides access and storage data objects. The storage account name is needed for most of the commands listed below. We’ll save the string into the environment variable which is read by commands (if the environment variable doesn’t exist, you must specify the storage account for each command requiring the name). Find more information about Azure storage accounts on the Microsoft website.

A resource group is a space that holds related manager resources. Find more information about resource group terminology on the Microsoft website.

To create or manage storage accounts, see Create a storage account on the Microsoft website.

If your storage account already exists, you can list it in Azure CLI by running the following command:

az storage account list

Also, the resource group name and location are present in JSON output. For more details about listing the storage account in the command line, see the az storage account list topic on the Microsoft website.

Storage accounts, locations, and resource groups are also available in the Azure web user interface under Home > Storage accounts.

The storage account name, location, and resource group names are needed for running additional commands. List them and maintain for later use.