SEM Agent pre-installation checklist: Prepare to deploy SEM Agents

Complete the following tasks before installing the SEM Agent. See Deploying the SEM Agent to learn more about installing SEM Agents.

SEM Agent installer requirements

1. Review system requirements

See SEM Agent hardware and software requirements for details.

2. Gather credentials

Verify that you have administrative access to the servers and workstations you plan to monitor with the Agent. Windows-based systems require Domain or Local administrative privileges; Linux or Unix systems require root-level access.

The Local Administrator Account is not the same as a domain account with local admin rights. A domain account is subject to your domain group policies.

3. Review the SEM Agent installation overview See Deploying the SEM Agent for installation information, and information about unattended Agent installations.

Antivirus recommendations

1. Disable anti-malware and endpoint protection software during installation.

Turn off any anti-malware or endpoint protection applications on host systems during the installation process, because these applications can affect the process by which installation files are transferred to the hosts.

2. After installation, add an exception to your antivirus or anti-malware software for the SEM Agent folder.

Set an exception in your antivirus or anti-malware scanning software for the ContegoSPOP folder where the SEM Agents will be installed. The alerts are kept in queue files, which change constantly as they are normalized and encrypted.

Download the SEM Agent installers

You can download SEM Agent installers from the SEM console or from the SolarWinds Customer Portal.

To download a SEM Agent installer from the SEM console

  1. Open the SEM console. See Log in to the SEM web console in the SEM Administrator Guide for steps.

  2. Choose from the following options:
    • Click Ops Center, go to the Getting Started widget, and click Add Nodes to Monitor.
    • Click Manage > Nodes. Click Add Node, then click Agent Node.

  3. Click an Agent to download it.

To download a SEM Agent installer from the SolarWinds Customer Portal

If you are using a trial version of SEM, download the SEM Agent installer from the SEM console, or contact SolarWinds for assistance.

  1. Download the installer from the SolarWinds Customer Portal. Log in with your SWID if necessary.

  2. Find SEM in the product list, and then click Choose Download.

  3. Find the Agent Installer on the list.

Next steps:

See the following topics to install the SEM Agents: