LEM pre-installation checklist

Before installing LEM, complete the pre-installation checklist below. The installation preflight checklist helps you:

  • Verify that system requirements are met, all required software is installed, and required roles and features are enabled.
  • Gather the information required to complete the installation.
1. Review the system requirements.

Make sure that your environment meets the hardware and software requirements for your installations. Hypervisor software should be installed prior to installing LEM. VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V are both supported. The hypervisor software provides the virtual environment that hosts your LEM deployment.

2. Select a deployment architecture.

Determine if your architecture will include one or more syslog servers.

See LEM deployment examples for details.

3. Review the release notes. Review the Log & Event Manager release notes and available documentation in the Customer Success Center.
4. Gather your credentials.

The Local Administrator Account is required for installation.

The Local Administrator Account is not the same as a domain account with local admin rights. A domain account is subject to your domain group policies.

Prepare the server environment

Prepare the server where you will install the LEM VM.

1. Build the environment.

Prepare the servers based on your deployment size and system requirements. Install either VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V.

By default, Log & Event Manager deploys with 8GB RAM and 2CPUs on both hypervisor platforms.

2. Run all OS updates.

Before installation, check for and run all OS updates on all servers.

3. Open ports according to the requirements.

If your log sources are located behind firewalls, see the SolarWinds LEM Port and Firewall requirements.

SolarWinds uses these ports to send and receive data.

Download LEM

SolarWinds provides separate installation packages for Hyper-V and VMware vSphere, so be sure to download the correct version.

Download the LEM installer.

Download the LEM installer from the SolarWinds customer portal, or download a free trial version from www.solarwinds.com/log-event-manager.

The trial version provides unlimited access to all product features for 30 days. See Choose a licensing method for your LEM deployment for more information.

Next steps: