Search and filter historical event logs

The LEM Events Console includes an advanced search capability to access your aggregated event logs based on existing Live Mode filter values and a specified time range. To set your search parameters, click Historical Search, enter a specific keyword, and then open the custom time picker to set your time frame. You can further refine your search by changing the keyword in the search field.

  1. On the LEM Events Console search bar, click Historical Search.

    When you click Historical Search, the search is initiated with the most recent filter values used in Live Mode. Changing the selection in the Filters cancels the search and returns to Live Mode.

  1. In the search field, enter one or more keywords.
  2. Next to the Search button, click the time setting to open the custom time picker.
  3. Select a quick pick option, or specify your own date and time range.
  4. Click Search.

    To return to Live Mode. click the arrow next to the search field. The live event stream resumes using the last search filter you applied.