LEM CMC main menu

The CMC main menu opens when you log in to the CMC command-line interface.

See About the CMC command line in LEM for information about using the CMC command line.

Top-Level CMC commands

Commands are listed in order of appearance.

Command Description
appliance Displays the appliance menu to run network and system commands on the LEM VM. You can activate the VM, configure network parameters, and change the CMC password. See LEM CMC appliance menu for more information.
manager Displays the manager menu where you can run upgrade and debug commands on the LEM Manager. You can install a LEM hotfix, start and stop the LEM Manager service, and import a certificate used for desktop console communication. See LEM CMC manager menu for more information.
service Displays the service menu to run restrictions and SSH. You can start and stop the SSH Service and restrict access to the reports application by IP address or host name. See LEM CMC service menu for more information.
ndepth Displays the ndepth menu to run nDepth configuration and maintenance commands. You can set your log message archive and backup share settings, restart the Log Message search or storage service, and start and stop the Log Message search and storage services. See LEM CMC nDepth menu for more information.


Installs the LEM upgrade package that you will use to upgrade your LEM VM. This command functions the same as the hotfix command.

Opens the admin command-line interface in the Lynx text browser.

import Imports a keytab file from Active Directory into LEM. This file is required to configure LEM for Active Directory single sign-on. See Set up single sign-on in LEM for details.
help Displays the Help menu.
exit Exits the CMC management console.