Virtualization Manager Upgrade Guide

Updated: June 4, 2020

Supports: VMAN 2020.2 and earlier – The latest version of VMAN is currently 2020.2. The latest version of the legacy VMAN appliance is 8.1

This guide walks you through upgrading VMAN to the newest version. We include checklists to help you prepare and complete your upgrades, gotchas to watch out for, and troubleshooting steps for common issues that users come across when upgrading.

The first thing to consider when upgrading your VMAN installation

With VMAN 8.0 and later, the VMAN appliance is no longer required. All basic functionality has been moved fully over to the Orion Platform. The Orion Platform is now included as part of a normal VMAN installation. Before upgrading, you have a choice regarding the VMAN appliance:

  • Retire the appliance: Consider retiring the appliance and moving fully over the Orion Platform. You'll be able to use the latest features included in newer versions of VMAN without having to maintain a separate appliance.
  • Keep the appliance: If you want to continue using the appliance, you are able to do so. The steps for upgrading VMAN and reintegrating the appliance are also included in this guide. The latest version of the legacy VMAN appliance, version 8.1 can be integrated with the newest version (2020.2) of VMAN in the Orion Platform.


Not sure if you're ready to retire the appliance and move fully over to the Orion Platform? See this post on THWACK to see a breakdown of features available in VMAN as part of the Orion Platform.


Depending on your choice, the upgrade process is different.


Click on the option that you want to see specific instructions for: