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Papertrail Support Policy

At the core of the Papertrail experience is, in part, the quality of support we provide our users. The interactions you have with our support team reflects how we operate Papertrail as a whole. As a team, we strive to make sure you're successful in using Papertrail and finding a solution that works best. To do that, we need a few things from you, our user:

  • Detail. Screenshots, examples, things you’ve tried. Dump it all in. We’ll sift through it.
  • Good faith effort. Problem-solving is a group effort in general, but here we especially need to work together.
  • Be a good person. It should go without saying but we a positive attitude.

The Support We Provide

Papertrail Support openly welcomes any questions about:

  • Setup and configuration of a Papertrail account including where to find features, adding users, setting up billing.
  • Billing questions including reasons for card declines.
  • Advice on logging best-practices including crafting filters and saved searches.
  • Logging Configuration for servers, applications, functions, network devices.
  • Building alerts and which services to use.
  • Debugging and problem-solving for said logging configurations.

Papertrail integrates with a variety of different ops tools. We'll make every effort to assist in the integration process. For Security-related questions, we've tried to make everything we can publicly share available here. Give that a review (and all the docs and links included) before emailing and include anything unanswered.

A note about security questionnaires and vendor assessments

For existing customers, please read our Security and Compliance documentation and acknowledge that you’ve done so before contacting us. We will provide additional documentation at that point which would answer the vast majority of previously unaddressed questions and topics. We’ll take care of anything left over at that point.

For potential customers, please reach out to us, and we’ll arrange a conversation with one of our Product Advocates who can work with you to complete any requirements and due diligence research.

Several distinct teams need to be involved including Engineering, IT, Security, and Legal. We will put forth every effort possible to respond entirely and acknowledge that ASAP is an understood window of time, but we don't make any guarantees as to how long before any assessment is complete.

…And Don't Provide

This list is a rough amalgamation of the last few years of unanswerable support requests. We love receiving emails from folks, but there are a few things for which we just cannot provide support:

  • Third-party applications or hosting environments. If it's feasible, we'll take a stab at helping where we can, especially if it's something in which we have prior experience. This includes debugging Heroku apps. Heroku Support is better suited for those needs.
  • Mobile phones, iCloud, Google accounts, etc.
  • Anything related to the PlayStation 4 video game inFAMOUS: Second Son’s DLC Paper Trail
  • Document management systems. That's
  • Safety compliance and inspections. That's
  • Print products (greeting cards, etc.). That's PurpleTrail.

Feature Requests and Bugs

Above all else, we're human, and from time to time we're bound to make a mistake. If you find any bugs within Papertrail, wish it could do something different or new, or we made a change that just doesn't sit well, please let us know. While we can't make guarantees, we keep track of every request and know which features users are asking about the most. Your vote is immensely, and your feedback is key to maintaining a quality product.

What to Include in Your Emails to Us

Only you understand your environment entirely. In some scenarios, we'll need extra information before we can provide a helpful response.

Please provide any information that can help with reproduction and include things like:

  • operating system and version
  • how logs are collected and sent
  • steps to recreate the issue

How to Get a Hold of Us


Email is the best route ( as it allows time for thorough investigation and is a great medium to exchange screen shots and log snippets if necessary.


When support agents are online, clicking on the "Live Chat" option under the Support menu will invoke the chat client. If no-one is available, you should see an "Email Support" button. When chat is really busy, wait times may become really long. Rather than waiting, ping us via email at


We do not provide phone support. The vast majority of the questions we field on a regular basis are not the type that makes a phone call a good use of anyone's time and are better suited for asynchronous communication. To put it another way, if you called, there'd be a lot of silence as we tweak, debug, or research (a.k.a being "on hold" without the music).

Other awesome tips

If you find yourself answering your question before we've had a chance to reply (especially on the weekends), please send us another email letting us know.

Some automated emails we send to users contain our support email address as the Reply-To. Watch out for cases where is in your CC line. As much as we like being a part of conversations, unless it’s directed at Papertrail Support, feel free to drop our address from the list.

Availability & Response Times

Support hours are Monday through Friday, 7am to 7pm, US Central time. We strive to respond to every email within 1-2 business days, however on days where coverage is limited or unavailable, or the load is higher than average responses may take longer. We do not have priority queues, pagers, or anything of the sort that will allow you to jump the line. Along that same line, one of our core beliefs is being good Internet citizens; sending multiple emails with the same question or asking for an update won't have any effect on how quickly we respond.

Papertrail support is unavailable or available only in limited capacity for these days:

  • New Year's Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving (United States)
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

This is a living document, and we welcome all feedback. If you think there's a topic on which we can improve, let us know.