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Available trap alert actions

This Orion Platform topic applies to the following products if you are NOT using the Orion Log Viewer to monitor SNMP traps.


The following alert actions are relevant if you are monitoring SNMP traps with the Orion Platform.

If you use Log Analyzer or the Orion Log Viewer to monitor SNMP traps, these alert actions are not relevant any more.

Discard the Trap

Delete unwanted traps sent to the SNMP Trap server.

Tag the Trap

Add a custom tag to received traps. Ensure you include the Tag column in the viewer when assigning a tag.

Flag the Trap with a specific color

Assign a specific color for display in the Orion Web Console and the Trap Viewer to flag traps matching the rule.

Log the Trap to a file

Specify a file and a series of variables with which to tag traps sent to the file. Ensure you have already created the log file you want to use. The alert cannot create a file.

Windows Event Log

Write a message to a local or a remote Windows Event Log.

Forward the Trap

Specify the IP address or hostname and the port on which to forward the trap. Specify the IP address or hostname of the trap destination and the port on which the trap should be sent. Check Include Source Address to include the IP address of the trap source.

Play a sound

Play a sound when a matching SNMP trap is received.

Text to Speech output

Define a specific speech engine, the speed, pitch, volume, and message to read.

Execute an external program

Specify an external program to launch using a batch file. This action is used when creating real-time change notifications in SolarWinds NPM.

Execute an external VB Script

Allows you to launch a VB Script using the selected script interpreter engine and a saved script file.

Send a Windows Net Message

Send a Windows Net message either to a specific computer or to an entire domain or workgroup.

The only operating systems supporting Windows Net Messaging on which SolarWinds supports Orion installations are Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP. SolarWinds only supports Orion evaluations on Windows XP.

Send an E-mail / Page

Send an email from a specified account to an address, using a specific SMTP server, and containing a customizable subject and message.

Stop Processing Trap Rules

Stops the processing of SNMP trap rules for the matching trap.

Change the status of an interface

SolarWinds NPM can change the status of an interface from which a trap is received. Designate the status to which the interface should change.