The SNMP Trap alert sends an SNMP trap to the specified SNMP manager. Its function is to send the alert text to an SNMP manager where it is analyzed by string pattern matching rules, then reported and recorded by your existing network management software.

The SNMP Trap alert sends an SNMP trap to any SNMP management application. The alert supports ipMonitor alert tokens, as well as enterprise-specific and generic trap types such as Cold Start, Warm Start, Link Down, and so on.

Use the SNMP Trap alert to:

  • Integrate ipMonitor into any existing network management software in your organization
  • Send custom failure notifications, recovery notification, and information messages using text and ipMonitor alert tokens

Set up the alert

Enable the SNMP Trap alert to send a link down message for failures, and a link up message for recoveries.

The default SNMP OID is the is the system object from MIB-II (RFC 1213):

HP OpenView

If you are using this Alert with HP Openview, enter the following SNMP OID into the "Message Content OID" field:

If you are not receiving traps, you may have to input the SNMP OID preferred by the management software.