SNMP monitor

The lightweight SNMP monitor verifies that an SNMP agent can respond to an information request in a timely manner.

ipMonitor measures the round trip time by sending a request for a fixed piece of information (such as sysUpTime OID to the target SNMP agent and waits for a valid response. The monitor test will pass if the monitor receives a valid response within the required timeout period.

The SNMP monitor verifies that:

  • The target SNMP agent is running and is able to respond.
  • The response makes the complete round trip within a specific number of seconds.

To monitor the end-to-end performance of your SNMP-enabled devices or applications from the end-user perspective, use the SNMP - User Experience monitor performs the following transactions:

  • Retrieves a numeric or textual value from a SNMP agent.
  • Tests the value against the rules you define.
  • Performs delta comparisons.

SNMP agent security

A commonly-used SNMP security feature requires you to specify exactly which IP addresses are permitted to communicate with the SNMP agent. If this security feature is enabled on your targeted SNMP agent, you may have to configure it to include the IP address of the ipMonitor host machine.