Network Speed monitor

The Network Speed monitor tests the available bandwidth (or the speed of a transaction) between ipMonitor and another point on a network. To perform this test, the Network Speed monitor requires a Character Generator service to be installed on the target server.

ipMonitor opens a connection to the Character Generator service, which responds by sending a stream of data that continues until ipMonitor terminates the connection. The stream is typically a recognizable pattern of printable ASCII characters.

SolarWinds recommends using the Network Speed in the safe zone of networks secured with a firewall. If the transaction between the Character Generator and ipMonitor traverses the firewall, it could be interpreted as a denial of service attack.

ipMonitor measures the length of time it takes to download the sample size you specify, and then performs a kilobytes per second calculation to determine if the test passes or fails.

Test results

Test Results Description
kb/s Indicates the network's transfer data rate, displayed in kb/s (1000 bits per second).
KB/s Indicates the network's transfer data rate, displayed in KB/s (1024 bytes per second).