NTP monitor

The Network Time Protocol (NTP) monitor verifies that the Network Time Protocol Service is available.

NTP is a vital resource for most networks. Clusters and other parallel processing environments depend on an accurate and synchronized Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) value. If your servers do not synchronize the current time with the NTP server, some enterprise applications may produce unexpected results.

The NTP monitor performs the following steps:

  1. Opens a connection to the specified NTP server and waits for the service to respond.
  2. Considers the test successful if a valid UTC time value is returned within the specified maximum test duration.
  3. Safely disconnects from the server when the monitor receives the UTC time value.
  4. Considers the test failed if the NTP server fails to respond or responds with an error code indicating that the service is not available

Use the NTP monitor to verify that:

  • An NTP client can open a connections with an NTP server.
  • The server adheres to the NTP protocol by responding with the correct codes.
  • The server responds within a required number of seconds.