NOC view

The NOC view displays when you click Details in the toolbar and then click NOC View in the My Network toolbar.

The Network Operations Center (NOC) provides critical statistics for each monitored device in your network. You can use this view to populate a mobile device or a wall-mounted monitor in a Technical Support center used by IT personnel and network operations groups who manage a network 24 hours a day.

This view uses color codes to prioritize individual monitors within a group. When ipMonitor detects a problem, the resource color changes from green to amber. The resource color can also change to red, and then to dark red as ipMonitor detects successive failures.

As the failure detection process occurs, the interface is re-flowed to move the failing monitors to the top of the list. At a glance, you will know where to direct your troubleshooting efforts even before ipMonitor begins the alerting process. When you enable sound in your web browser, ipMonitor emits a sound when an alert is received.

The following example shows one of several managed devices that populate the NOC view.

All NOC views display in one of five colors, indicating their status.

Color Status
Dark red Lost
Red Down
Green Up
Gray Offline