File Property monitor

The File Property monitor detects modifications made to a file and alerts you when these changes exceed a predetermined value.

You can use the File Property monitor to:

  • Verify the existence of a file
  • Determine whether a file has been modified
  • Determine whether the size of a file has changed
  • Detect changes in a file's checksum value

The File Property monitor tests the existence and properties of a file at regular intervals to detect any changes outside the boundaries you define. When a change is encountered, the monitor can trigger a Failure Notification alert, an Information alert, or both.

Configuring Information alerts is an optional process. You can configure the monitor to send an Information alert but remain in an Up state even if a change is detected by separating alerting actions from monitoring actions. This gives you maximum flexibility to configure each File Property monitor to meet your specific needs depending on the type of file being tested.

Test results

Test results include the current available space on the monitored share. Available space is reported in gigabytes (GB) and megabytes (MB).