FTP monitor

The bandwidth-light FTP monitor opens a connection to the specified FTP server and waits for the server to respond with a standard Service Ready for a new user Code 220 message.

Upon receipt of the opening message, the FTP monitor safely disconnects from the server by sending out a QUIT command to terminate the connection.

If the FTP server fails to respond, or if it responds with an error code indicating that the service is not available, ipMonitor considers the test to have failed.

Use the FTP monitor to test the following:

  • An FTP client can open a connection with an FTP server
  • The server adheres to the FTP protocol by responding with the correct codes
  • The server responds within a required number of seconds

If you perform log analysis on your FTP logs, the FTP monitor may cause hits to be generated. Refer to your log analysis software for information regarding how to exclude ipMonitor from analysis.

If you need to test your FTP server's ability to log in to a client or transmit a file, create an FTP User Experience monitor.