File Directory monitor

The File Directory monitor detects modifications to a directory structure and alerts you when the structure changes beyond a predetermined limit.

The monitor tests the directory properties to determine whether:

  • The directory exists
  • Files were added or removed from a directory
  • The directory size changed.
  • Changes were applied to sub-directories

The Directory monitor tests the structure and content of a directory at periodic intervals to detect any changes outside your predetermined limits. When a change occurs, the Monitor can trigger a:

  • Failure Notification alert
  • Information alert
  • A Failure Notification and Information alert

Configuring Information alerts is an optional process. You can configure the monitor to send an Information alert but remain in an Up state, even if a change is detected by separating Information alerts from monitoring actions and Failure Notifications. This process gives you maximum flexibility to configure each directory monitor to meet your specific needs for all tested directories.

Use the Directory Monitor to:

  • Monitor allotted storage space in a user directory
  • Detect whether critical files were removed from a directory
  • Ensure that all required backups are completed
  • Monitor files that could potentially grow large enough to impact disk space
  • Monitor directories containing files that are likely to grow and multiple at a rapid rate