Add and remove user accounts

ipMonitor supports two types of user accounts:

  • Windows account
  • Standard ipMonitor account

A Windows account requires a domain name and user name. A standard ipMonitor account only requires a password.

You can configure the access level for both accounts in the Permissions section. Below is a description of each access level.

Access level Permissions

Full access to all ipMonitor features

Administrate users and credentials

Standard User Can perform actions such as read, write, create, and delete data based on the permissions you assign to the account in the Advanced menu

Read or view data only

Cannot modify any setting

When you add a new user and select an access level, ipMonitor provides a list of default settings in the Advanced menu. You can accept the default settings or modify as required.

Add a new account

  1. Log in to ipMonitor as an administrator.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. In the Configuration page, click Account List.
  4. In the toolbar, click Add Account.

  5. Under Identification, select a Windows or standard ipMonitor account and complete the field(s).

    If you select Windows Account, enter a username and domain.

    If you select Standard ipMonitor account, enter a username and password.

  6. Under Permissions, select an access level for this user.

  7. Maximize the Advanced menu.
  8. Select the appropriate permissions or accept the default selections. These permissions control the user's access to all ipMonitor features, and are exclusive to this new account.

    Below is an example of the default permissions for a standard user.

  9. Click OK.

    The new user is added to the Account List page.