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Live Chat Support

If you need live support from our engineers, log in to your account, click on the question mark in the menu bar and then on "Contact Support":


You will generally find us in the chat room Monday to Friday, 9 AM-5 PM US Central time and often outside of that schedule as well. If no-one is available, clicking on the "Contact Support" link will bring up a modal with an "Email Support" button that invokes your email client.

If you can't see the chat client, it may be because of an Ad Blocker. Please make sure our site is not blocked.

If you prefer to contact us via email you can reach us at

When the APM Integrated Experience is enabled, AppOptics shares a common navigation and enhanced feature set with the other integrated experiences' products. How you navigate AppOptics and access its features may vary from these instructions. For more information, go to the APM Integrated Experience documentation.