Documentation forAppOptics



AWS Lambda lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers.



If you haven't already, first set up the AWS CloudWatch integration. No additional steps are needed for installation.


On the AWS CloudWatch integration page, ensure that the Lambda service is selected for metric collection.


Name Description



Measures the number of times a function is invoked in response to

an event or invocation API call. This includes successful and

failed invocations, but does not include throttled attempts.



Measures the number of invocations that failed due to errors in the

function (response code 4XX).

Dead Letter Error


Incremented when Lambda is unable to write the failed event payload

to your configured Dead Letter Queues.



Measures the elapsed wall clock time from when the function code

starts executing as a result of an invocation to when it stops

executing. The maximum data point value possible is the function

timeout configuration.



Measures the number of Lambda function invocation attempts that

were throttled due to invocation rates exceeding the customer's

concurrent limits (error code 429)



Emitted for stream-based invocations only (functions triggered by

an Amazon DynamoDB stream or Kinesis stream). Measures the age of

the last record for each batch of records processed.

Available Tags

Name Description
awsaccount AWS account associated with the metrics
functionname Name of the Lambda function
region Name of the region
resource Name of the resource