Documentation forWeb Performance Monitor

Use WPM with other SolarWinds products

You can combine WPM with other SolarWinds products to get an integrated view of the web app user experience and drill into the underlying infrastructure that impacts performance. For example, starting in WPM 2020.2, you can save recordings directly into SolarWinds Pingdom and use them as Transaction Checks, as described in Integrate WPM with SolarWinds Pingdom.

WPM can also be used with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) to visualize synthetic web transaction metrics in the context of application performance metrics by display the WPM Transactions subview on Node Details and Application Details pages. You can also create dependencies between transactions and applications, as well as transaction and nodes. See this product blog post in THWACK for details.

Additional ways to integrate WPM with SAM include:

These are just some ways to use WPM with other SolarWinds products. For more ideas, visit THWACK.