About incoming and outgoing email accounts

After you install Web Help Desk and complete the installation, the Configuration Wizard prompts you to set up the email accounts. If you set up your email accounts during the installation, review the incoming and outgoing email account settings in the Web Help Desk Administrator Console. Otherwise, set up these email accounts in the console.

Set up your outgoing email account first. You will need this information to set up your incoming email account.

If you use Office 365 for your incoming e-mail account, see Configure an incoming e-mail account for Office 365.

Each incoming mail account is associated with a specific request type, an optional tech group, and an outgoing mail account (SMTP server) used to deliver outgoing mail. For example, you could have an incoming mail account for all IT tickets, another account for HR tickets, and another for Facilities tickets. Web Help Desk checks the Incoming mail accounts each minute for new messages, processes the messages into tickets, and deletes the processed messages from the incoming mail server.