Configure an outgoing email account

You can define your SMTP server(s) and help desk email address in the Outgoing Mail Options section of the E-Mail Options screen.

To prevent WHD from sending nonstop ticket updates, use a real email address. Do not use an alias.

Be sure to delete the sample outgoing server that was installed by default. The sample server may interfere with your SMTP server.

  1. Click Setup and select E-Mail Outgoing Mail Accounts.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the SMTP Server field, enter the location of your SMTP server.

    For example:

  4. In the Port field, enter the port of your SMTP server.

    Use default port 25 unless your SMTP server requires a specific port.

  5. Select the SSL checkbox if required by your SMTP server.

    A green indicator indicates a connection exists to your SMTP server.

    A red indicator indicates a failure to connect to the SMTP server.

  6. Click Make Default to configure this account for sending all non-ticket email messages and any ticket messages for incoming mail accounts linked to the default.

    Otherwise, leave this field as is.

  7. Enter a friendly name that displays in the From address for email sent by this SMTP server.
  8. Enter a list of domains used by this account for all outgoing emails.
  9. Enter any additional properties sent to the email provider for mail server with special needs.

    Click the tooltips for a list of supported parameters.

  10. Click Save.