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Email Settings

Email Dropbox

Your email dropbox in SWSD has already been set up! In order to receive incidents by email, all you have to do is send an email to the dropbox email listed in your account. You can also set up a forwarding rule on your email server to send all emails from your internal support address to the dropbox email in your account.

Your email dropbox will be located in your account within the parenthesis in the Email Settings help menu. It may look something like (

Email Settings

This is where you will establish all settings related to the variety of emails sent from and received into your SWSD. Within this area of setup, you will find the general SWSD provided email dropbox, that incoming email incidents can be routed to. If there is an existing email where incidents are routed, you can establish a forwarding rule whereby those emails will automatically be created as an incident in SWSD. 

Reply Email Address

It is best practice to enter a reply email address in the email settings when you have setup a forwarding rule, to ensure consistency in your correspondence.  This synchronizes the reply email to always reflect the same address in the “To” field when replying to SWSD email notifications , this is typically your internal support address.

Personalized Email Names

When the toggle is ‘on’, email notifications originating from user actions, such as assigning a task or commenting, will have the user's name and email in the 'From' field (in US datacenter/ the EU datacenter includes the name however not the email).

Block Failing SPF Emails

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email authentication method designed to detect emails originating from a forged address. SPF works by verification of incoming emails into the server, to ensure the email is submitted via an IP address that is authorized by the domain administrators. 

As SPF-protected domains are less likely to be blacklisted, legitimate emails are more likely to get through. 

Blocked and Allowed Addresses

You can adjust the setting for various email addresses and domains that create incidents/comments in your system. To ensure tight security, we recommend specifying your allowed domains. If you are concerned about a specific email domains, we recommend you leave the allowed list open and utilize the blocked domains feature.

Whitelisting IP Addresses

Email Settings Tutorial

Click here for Categories and Subcategories

Protect Your Information with Secure Emails

All attachments related to any ITSM object (e.g incident, problem, change, asset) are by default encrypted in both rest and transit and are not delivered via emails when sent outside of SolarWinds Service Desk.

In this section you can determine whether your organization will allow for:

  • Use of encrypted emails (without attachments) when sent outside of SolarWinds Service Desk.
  • Sending of unencrypted attachments when sent outside of SolarWinds Service Desk.

To proceed with setup of your SWSD, click here for Login Policy details.