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The Assets setup menu allows you to define a variety of settings that pertain to all the assets housed in your inventory module… Let's review some use cases:


You can backup all the data in your account by clicking .  Once a request is made, it is added to a processing queue and will be processed in the order in which it was received. When complete, you will be notified by email.
Additionally, you can schedule a weekly backup of your account’s data and define a default recipient.

Differentiate Other Assets by Serial Number

You can differentiate your inventory stored in the Other Assets section by Serial Number. When selected, this prevents duplicate items from appearing in your Other Assets repository.

Auto Generate Asset ID for Other Assets

We can automatically generate sequential Asset IDs for the items that fall under Other Assets. Enabling this option will generate a unique Asset ID for any new or existing item that does not already have an Asset ID.

Render Barcodes for Computers

It is recommended best practice and set as default, your SWSD will generate a QR code for each asset. However, you can enable this option to generate both QR codes and barcodes for all assets.

Computer Assignment Rules

This enables you to assign your Computer to a Site and/or Department based on specific information collected by the SolarWinds Discovery Agent.
For more information regarding SolarWinds Discovery (Agent and Scanner) please refer to the following guides:

Discovery Installation Guide

SolarWinds Discovery Guide

Here are some of the factors you can select from:

  • Domain

  • IP Address

  • External IP Address

  • Network Cards IPs

  • Name Prefix

  • Active Directory

  • Organizational Unit Path (Chrome OS)

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