Documentation forSecurity Event Manager

Manage licenses

On the SEM Events Console Settings page, you can view, upgrade, activate, and deactivate your SEM license.

Only administrators can upgrade, activate, and deactivate a license.

In the SEM Events Console, click the Settings (gear) button, and then click the Manage License tab.

Upgrade a license

On the Manage License tab, click Upgrade license for online and offline license activation, or to purchase a license key.

  1. On the Manage License tab, click Upgrade license.
  2. For online activation, enter your license key, name, email, and phone number, and then click Activate.


    For offline activation, use your unique ID to generate the license file, or click Browse to select your license file, and then click Activate.

If you do not have a license key, click Purchase license key. This directs you to the current licensing options available for SEM on the SolarWinds website.