Use the Component Monitor Wizard

The Component Monitor Wizard provides a starting point where you can select component monitors based on a specific process, performance counter, or service. You can add these monitors with modifications to application monitors and templates for assigned node monitoring. You can then discover and monitor nodes that match the selected process.

Component monitors are a part of the larger whole of application monitors and templates used to monitor applications, as described in Use application monitor templates and component monitors. Templates include multiple application monitors, which include multiple component monitors, for tracking and providing data on nodes and applications. The application monitor template can then be applied to nodes running the application the template was designed for.

  1. Click Settings > All Settings > SAM Settings > Component Monitor Wizard.
  2. Select a component monitor type.

  3. Depending on the component monitor selected, a new set of steps display. For example, if you create a Process Monitor, select a Target system by browsing to supported systems in your environment. You may also need to select a platform type and enter credentials for the target system. Provide all required information and click Next.
  4. If you entered target system credentials, a connection test runs. If it passes, continue adding component monitors and properties. Depending on the components, you may need to enter additional server and credentials data.
  5. With your component monitors set, you can add the component monitor to other application monitors and templates.
  6. Finally, assign the application monitor or template to nodes in your environment. When confirmed, the node details page will include these new monitors and resulting data.