Install PowerShell on target servers

To support the ability of the Orion server to execute PowerShell commands against remote, target servers configured as managed nodes in SAM, you'll need to verify that PowerShell 2.0 or later is installed on the target servers, along with other supporting software such as the WebAdministration snapin. WinRM must also be enabled.

SolarWinds provides customer support for PowerShell scripts and functionality that is built into SAM, but not for scripting languages or custom scripts. For scripting support from the SolarWinds online IT community, visit THWACK.

The easiest way to set up target servers for PowerShell is to configure AppInsight for IIS on each node.

Before proceeding, review AppInsight for IIS requirements and permissions.

There are several ways to configure target servers as AppInsight for IIS nodes in the Orion Web Console:

  • Use the Discovery Wizard or Node Details page.
  • Download the free Remote Execution Enabler for PowerShell tool to configure secure WinRM across one or more target servers. See this THWACK article for details.
  • Navigate to the IIS application on a node to open the Application Details page. Click Edit Application Monitor to open the Edit Application page, and then click Configure Server, as shown here.

PowerShell 2.0 and later requires .NET Framework 3.5.x. If that version is not yet installed on target servers, use Server Manager's Add Roles and Features wizard to add it.