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Exchange Web Services User Experience Monitor

This SAM template simulates an email round trip to test the ability of your SMTP server to receive and distribute email, and the ability of your users to retrieve email through Exchange Web Services.


WMI access to the Exchange server.


Credentials used for this monitor should be the user for whom the mailbox will be monitored.

If you receive a server error while browsing Exchange Web Services, see the following article: (© 2018 Microsoft Corp., available at, obtained on October 31, 2018)

Field descriptions

To learn more about component monitors, see Use SAM templates, application monitors, and component monitors.


Provides a default description of the monitor. You can override the default description by adding to or replacing the text, which will then be automatically saved. The variable to access this field is ${UserDescription}.

Enable Component

Determines whether the component is enabled. Disabling the component leaves it in the application in a deactivated state, not influencing SolarWinds SAM application availability or status.

Credential for Monitoring

Select a credential or use the <Inherit credential from node> option. If the credential you need is not in the credentials list, add it in the Credentials Library. See Understand the Credentials Library for details.

This credential must be the email address of the account which is to be simulated and not the credentials of the Windows computer. (Name, ovacha (@), domain). For example: (Credentials used for this monitor should be the user for whom the mailbox will be monitored.)

Send Email From

Enter the email address where you want an email to be sent from

Send Email To

Enter the email address where you want an email to be sent to

Exchange Web Service URL

This field allows you to specify the URL of your Exchange Web Server.

Ignore CA Errors

Select to ignore Certificate Authority errors.

Ignore CN Errors

Select to ignore Common Name errors.

SMTP Server

Enter your SMTP server address here.


Enter your SMTP port number here.

Use Credentials for SMTP

Check this box if needed.

Credential for SMTP

If needed, select the proper credentials from the drop-down list.

SMTP Encryption

Choose the method of encryption from the drop-down list.

Response Time Threshold

Select the conditions from the drop-down lists for the Warning and Critical thresholds, then set the time, in seconds, for these conditions to be met.

User Notes

This field allows you to add notes for easy reference. You can access this field by using the variable, ${UserNotes}.