Send a Windows Net message

If a computer is experiencing issues, you can have an alert trigger a Windows Net Message to be sent to a specific computer or to all computers.

Alerts can be configured to display a pop-up Windows Net Message either on a specific computer or on all computers in a selected domain or workgroup. The following steps configure Windows Net messaging for triggered or reset alerts.

The only operating systems supporting Windows Net Messaging are Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP or earlier.

  1. When editing or adding an alert, click Add Action in the Trigger or Reset Action section of the Alert Wizard.
  2. Select the Send Net Message option, then click Configure Action.
  3. Under Send a Net Message settings:
    1. Enter Computer Name or IP address in the field provided.

      You can enter multiple computers or IP addresses by separating them with commas.

    2. Enter the Message of your alert trigger in the field provided. 
  4. Schedule the action by selecting Time of Day > Use special Time of Day schedule for this action. This schedule only applies to the alert action you are editing.

    This is often used to prevent an action from occurring during specific windows.

  5. Select how frequently this action occurs for each triggered alert in Execution Settings.

  6. Click Add Action.

The action is added to the trigger or reset action list, and you can test the action using the Simulate button. When the trigger or reset conditions of the alert are met, the message is sent to the selected computers.