Create a web-based report

Web-based reports are created in the Orion Web Console, and can be restricted to specific users through report limitations. Users may be assigned specific report limitation categories and can only view reports that are in the same report limitation category.

SolarWinds recommends that you duplicate and edit an existing web-based report instead of creating a new one.

  1. Click Reports > All Reports > Manage Reports > Create New Report.

  2. On the Layout Builder panel, click Add Content. You may be prompted to add content as soon as you click Create New Report.

  3. Select the first resource to add to the report and click Select and Continue.

    Some resources require you to choose a specific object to report on. For example, if you want to track how many people use a specific application, you must choose the application when adding the resource.

    The Layout Builder view is displayed with the selected resource added.

  4. In the Content area, add resources and sections to the report. You can also modify the layout.

    1. Click Add content to add resources to your report. For more information, see Add content to a web-based report.

    2. Click Add section to add more rows of content to this report.

  5. To filter a resource to include a specific set of data, click Edit Resource. Not all resources can be filtered.

  6. Filter the resource and click Submit.

    Each resource has different filter options.

  7. After adding and filtering the resource, enter a report name, and click Next.

  8. On the Preview panel, click Next.

  9. Add report properties, such as categories, custom properties, or limitations, and click Next.

  10. To schedule the report, click Schedule this report to run regularly, create a new schedule or assign a schedule, and click Next.

  11. You can schedule a report to be generated, emailed, saved, or printed.

  12. Review the Summary and click Submit to save the report.