Documentation forDatabase Performance Analyzer

Troubleshooting DPAIM issues

Issue Resolution
Cannot find or connect to the SolarWinds DPA server.
  • Make sure the SolarWinds DPA server is running and accessible from the SolarWinds Orion server.
  • Use the fully qualified domain or IP address of the SolarWinds DPA server.
  • Ensure that the correct ports are open between the two computers. See Requirements for the DPA Integration Module for port information.
Cannot find the Databases dashboard.
  1. Click Settings > All Settings.
  2. Under Customize Navigation & Look, click Customize Menu Bars.
  3. Make sure that Databases_TabMenu is present, and that it contains Databases Summary.
A relationship was not created automatically when a node or application corresponds to a database instance.
  • Make sure the host name or IP address of the database instance in SolarWinds DPA corresponds with the host name or IP address of the node or application in the Orion Platform product.
  • Make sure the application monitor is working correctly in SolarWinds SAM and is monitoring the correct database instance.
  • For more information, see Prepare SAM applications for integration.

Access denied error when navigating to SolarWinds DPA from another Orion Platform product.

  • You must log in to SolarWinds DPA with your SolarWinds DPA credentials.

No data is available on SolarWinds DPA-specific resources.

  • Make sure the SolarWinds DPA server is running and accessible from the SolarWinds Orion server.
  • No data may be available for that time period. Verify that the information exists in SolarWinds DPA.
  • Verify your integration settings are correct.
Response time from the Orion Web Console to the DPA server takes longer than five seconds.
  • Ping from the Orion server to the DPA server.
  • Check the firewall settings on each sever.
    • Ports 80, 17776, 17777, and 17778 opened on the Orion server.
    • Ports 8123 and 8124 on the DPA server.
  • Check if the Ignite PI service is running on the DPA server.

A red error message displays in the DPAIM.

  • There may be an issue with your service accounts. Try removing the integration, and integrate again.

    You will lose all of your custom relationships between DPA and the Orion Platform.

  • An unexpected error occurred. Contact SolarWinds support.

No data is available for the database instance, or it does not appear to be monitored correctly.

  • There may be an issue with your license. Check your licenses on the DPA server.
  • Monitoring stopped in DPA.
  • You have recently registered DB instances in DPA and there is no data yet. Allow time for DPA to poll data.
  • There may be an issue with your Orion limitations.
    • Check the account limitations for the affected user.
    • Check the view limitations for the affected page.

The Orion Platform displays sample data instead of real data.