Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Add a SharePoint Online scan

Click the button to add a SharePoint Online ressource.


  1. Specify the credentials for the "Process Account". We recommend to use the ARM service account.

The account is not used to scan the SharePoint elements. The scan account will be set up in a later step.

  1. Click Apply.


ARM checks the specified credentials. Once the check is successful, the selection of available resources opens.


  1. Specify the credentials with which SharePoint Online will be scanned.
  2. Specify the URL of the element that you want to add to SharePoint. Confirm the entry with the Enter key.

Please be careful, the entry is not checked for validity at this point.

Contrary to SharePoint on-premise, it is not possible to specify a server name and select the elements to be scanned later.

  1. Select the desired element by activating the check mark.
  2. Select a collector to run the scan through.

The collector server must have an Internet connection for the scan.

  1. Click Apply.


You have successfully created a SharePoint Online scan configuration. The symbols (arrows) indicate that the additional options still need to be set. This procedure is identical for SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premise and is described in the chapter Configuring additional SharePoint properties.

How to customize a SharePoint Online scan configuration is described in the chapter Customize a SharePoint Scan Configuration.