Documentation forAPM Integrated Experience

APM Integrated Experience Administrator Guide

When the APM Integrated Experience is enabled, AppOptics and Loggly unite to provide seamless access to the features of both products. These products can be used individually or as an integrated suite to deliver full-stack performance monitoring across user experience, applications, services, and infrastructure.

To enable the APM Integrated Experience, click the products menu next to your user icon and toggle the APM Integrated Experience on.

APM Integrated Experience Features

Each feature of AppOptics and Loggly can be accessed in the left navigation pane of the APM Integrated Experience, along with user, organization, and application settings and situational overview dashboards.

Services, powered by AppOptics
Infrastructure, powered by AppOptics
  • Hosts
  • Containers
Logs, powered by Loggly
Metrics, powered by AppOptics
  • Profile
  • Organization Settings
  • Metric Settings
  • Log Settings